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How to win Alterac Valley - Alliance




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Everyone knows that alliance mostly suck in AV. how come? why is Horde so much better?

well they are more organized. it seems alliance players are looking for Honor kills instead of honor points, they run around like headless chickens and try to slash anything down to receive some HK`s

im not saying this never happens to the horde but there is a reason why they win a lot more then alliance

when I fight the horde I always see them charging in big groups and always kicking the #¤%& out of the alliance who tries to resist with about half of the horde`s size.

this goes to both horde and alliance. stay in a group. get a leader who is experienced with BG and everyone follow his/hers command. this isn't battle royale, teamwork is the key to victory.

the battle starts in the field of strife and the outcome of the battle is mostly decided right there. if you can press the enemy factions to the other side and take control of a graveyard , then you have the advantage.

don't bother getting snowfall graveyard. but if the enemy controls snowfall graveyard and launches heavy attacks on your team, then you have to do something about it. perhaps get some players to hold them and make a clear route to the enemy graveyard.

Its hard to take Iceblood tower and garrison or stoneheart bunker and outpost, with the enemy charging from the graveyard stationed close by. take out the graveyard first and then you will be able to spawn from that graveyard and charge the garnison/outpost and tower/bunker without much resistance. But of course, the enemy will still be charging but they are now thinned out and it takes longer for them to reach your team from either froswolf graveyard or stormpike graveyard.

When you have captured the first three points of the enemy, then charge to their second graveyard and really give the enemy hell. The horde must charge Stormpike graveyard and the alliance must charge frostwolf graveyard. Then the enemy is pushed back to their camp on you are free to launch heavy attacks toward the enemy main camp, where the enemy NPC general is located.

But remember, your team will meet heavy resistance from the enemy because they will be forced to form a big defending group with NPC`s. Just remember to follow group roles. Tanks should tank, spellcasters and healers should stand in the back and damage dealers should support the tanks. I have seen spellcasters trying to tank and that just wont work.

This is actually common sense to some people, I wanted to write this to make other players that doesn't know what to do in AV, can get some info. Also make them aware of the best way to win is teamwork.

About the snowfall graveyard. I have found out that its best to just leave it, hold the attacking enemy perhaps and distract them from your charge to the first graveyard. If you take the first graveyard then the enemy will move to your teams position but then you just need to hold on and if you have someone to distract the enemy at snowfall then they will split up and try to kill the one`s who try to distract them. while those who understand its a trick will hurry back to their graveyard. Its also an idea to take the first graveyard from the enemy and lure them to that position, just clear any resistance and charge the snowfall graveyard and take it. Then move on to the original plan.

If you need help leveling your alliance character up so you can get into doing battle grounds quicker, then you can check out Dugi's 1-110 Legion leveling Guide., which has all the quests listed in a step-by-step fashion for easy leveling, there is a small fee for it, but I think it's well worth it in my opinion.

wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide





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wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

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