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Good Demon Hunter Build for Hell/Inferno

Demon Hunter Gameplay GuideHere is a very good Demon Hunter build that does massive damage and is totally safe. Most people in the group die multiple times while I stay alive and rez them. My repair costs are at a minimum.

Here is the best Demon Hunter build I came up with so far:


Archery - This is good for any type of ranged Demon Hunter weapon.

Vengeance - This is very important as you will need all the hatred and discipline you can squeeze out of your build.

Sharp Shooter - This is also extremely important to help you do crit damage often. While you are walking up to the mobs, it can build up to 100% so that whatever damage you dish out, whether its AOE or single target, you will get a crit. Also, the crits add up thereby juicing your DPS to the max.


Tinkerer RuneGrenades with the Tinkerer rune is best IMO. It does good AOE damage and also gives you 30% extra hatred per toss. You can spam these as they are released very fast. I would assign this to the left mouse button.

For the right mouse button use multishot with the "fire at will" rune. With this rune, your hatred costs are reduced to half so you can spam multishot all you want. Multishot goes to everything, even those walls some mobs put up.

For button #1, on your keyboard, you need a single target DPS. I found 2 great ones. One is impale with the overpenetration rune. This does 250% damage and goes through everything. The 2nd good option is using rapid fire with the bombardment rune. This is just like regular rapid fire but it also does AOE damage to all those in the area. Its great.

Overpenetration Rune

For button #2, use smoke screen with with the lingering fog rune. This will give you invisibility for 3 seconds. You take no damage while this skill is active and also mobs go after others when they don't see you so you can drop aggro fast with this skill.

For button #3, use preparation with the focused mind rune. This will gradually increase your discipline to 45. This means you can spam discipline skills a little while it is active. You also need as much discipline as you can get.

For button #4, you need the bat companion that regenerates 3 hatred per second. This is a fantastic hatred generator and the bat stays up after you use it once. You need all the extra hatred you can get. Also, it is good to put this on button #4 so that your focused mostly on buttons 1, 2, and 3. It is easier to play this way.


What you have to do is pretty much nuke mobs with your multishot and nuke elites with your single target damage (button #1).

Demon Hunter's Multishot

If anyone attacks you, you can either run or use smoke screen. While smoke screen is active nobody can hit you. If the fight gets heavy, use 2 smoke screens then restore your discipline with preparation and continue fighting. While preparation is on, you can spam your smoke screen a bit. Also, try not to run away. Instead DPS the mobs as much as you can while your invisible. This strategy works very well. You will rarely die, even in hell or inferno.

Finally, for gems, try to use stuff that increases crit damage on the weapons. For the helms, I use magic find but that is optional. On all other items, use dexterity gems.

This setup is completely OP and I wanted to keep it a secret, but I am glad to share the information with members on this site.

In the end, you will be the guy rezing everyone and doing the most DPS. This setup is almost perfect.

Also, I got some of my strategy builds from Diablo 3 Gold Secrets By Peng Joon, there's a small fee for it, but worth it.

Thanks for reading!

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter


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