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Diablo 3

Next Diablo 3 Expansion Speculations

I know most of us are thoroughly enjoying Diablo3, but I know some are wondering about the next expansion already and who is going to to be the bosses for it. There have been hints in Diablo 3 about this and here are some considerations.

There is a strong connection between 3 potential bosses and they are:

  1. Adria the WitchAdria - Adria the Witch! Diablo's baby mama! Couldn't be a more obvious baddie as an option for the next expansion, she used her daughters body as a 'host' to hold all 7 evils within which in short pretty much killed her and unleashed hell upon the high heavens... need I say more?

  2. Archangel MalthaelMalthael - The angel of wisdom, shortly after the worldstone was destroyed (by Tyreal) he left the angiris council going presumably mad and is wondering all pandemonium searching for the truths of life and death and could easily return to exact revenge upon Tyreal for the world stones destruction.

  3. Archangel ImperiusImperius - A very upset angel, He most certainly still holds a grudge towards the naphalem hero and Tyreal for their sacrilege of the high heavens or so he sees it. He even threatens you with death and tried to kill Tyreal and the way the battle with Diablo went I doubt Imperius is very happy with the mess heaven was left in.

In my opinion, all of these honestly sound good to me to be boss contenders for the next Diablo 3 Expansion.

There most likely are already hints for the expansion(s) in the game. According to that leaked product slate, they had envisioned 2 as far back as early 2010. In September 2011, it was listed as part of their 'core pipeline' and would be out within 2-3 years.



Black Soulstone

There has to be more for the black soulstone. Why point out specifically that the thing can be used to store demons and angels, if it never gets used for such? (And of course, it, somehow, just falls from Heaven instead of being smashed, leaving perhaps the biggest open plotline)

Another interesting thing is that they retconned the Warrior/Dark Wanderer, into being King Leoric's son, adding a Star Wars-esque family/bloodline based story. (Diablo's first host was Albrecht, youngest? son of Leoric, then Aidan, elder son, then Leah, granddaughter) Seemingly there must be more to that as well.

Black Soulstone Lore

Black Soulstone

Player:  Tell me, why did the Horadrim have to kill Zoltun Kulle?
Tyrael:  He delved into powers not meant for men, trying to fashion an artifact that could fill his empty heart with the souls of angels and demons. The Horadrim had no choice but to slay him. The order... never recovered.
Tyrael:  The Black Soulstone was created to be an improvement over the original three. They were crafted to contain single demons, but Kulle intended his to hold many.  But the Black Soulstone is flawed and cannot contain that many demons for long. We must capture Azmodan within it and shatter it... lest all these Evils be reborn.

Future machinations of the Burning Hells

Tyrael: I shudder to think what the demon lords might accomplish should they ever stop betraying one another. Such is the self-defeating nature of evil.
Tyrael:  We are lost. Diablo is too powerful. Always before, the Lords of Hell bickered and worked against each other. They undid themselves.
Within Diablo, within the Prime, there is no such division, and now the halls of the High Heavens quake beneath his steps.
Player:  Then Diablo seeks to become the Dragon once again?
Tyrael:  In a manner of speaking, yes.

Future of the Nephalem
Tyrael:  To escape the Eternal Conflict, a group of renegade angels and demons came together and created a hidden paradise for themselves. They called this world Sanctuary.
Eventually, they commingled. They gave birth to mankind. That is why you have both good and evil within you... and the power of both realms as your birthright.
The power of your nephalem ancestors was so terrifying to their parents that they tuned the Worldstone to weaken them. They knew they had loosed something... unimaginable upon creation.
Deckard Cain:  So the Worldstone was tuned to lessen our powers, turning mankind into what we are today. But now that it has been destroyed, it is conceivable that the powers of the nephalem will reappear.
Player:  They meant to use us as weapons, didn't they?
Tyrael:  They knew that mankind would tip the balance of power forever. And very clearly, you have.


Tyrael:  The Prime Evil... I can't believe all this has come to pass. Adria played us all for fools.  Diablo's influence twisted her inside and out. I suspect we have not seen the last of her.


Covetous Shen:  Do you think that Leah is lost forever?
Player:  Diablo consumed her. She is gone.
Covetous Shen:  Do you not think Leah's soul is stronger than that? But, oh, but then sometimes I-I forget that you have not seen everything that I have seen.


Malthael, former Aspect of Wisdom
Player:  What became of Malthael?
Tyrael:  Long ago, when Inarius and his ilk stole the Worldstone to create Sanctuary, Malthael became consumed with discovering its whereabouts.
As the archangel of Wisdom, he was tortured by his inability to recover the sacred artifact.
Player:  Where is he now?
Tyrael:  Some say he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, forever seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and death.


Future journey to Westmarch/Kingsport
Player:  I have a gift for you, Lyndon.
Lyndon:  Is that so?
Player:  It is gold. We will go to Kingsport one day soon. Then you can pay your debts, and your brother will be free.
Lyndon:  You are much too kind.
Player:  We have journeyed together a long way. I am happy to aid you.


Mystery behind the Templars (Future class using 'Azurewrath' type weapons?)
Kormac:  No. I have learned something much more troubling. Judging by the borders, this is indeed a page from the tomes, but it does not contain prophecies.
It seems to be a set of instructions for the creation of magical weapons. But that is not the strangest part.
I have seen the rune here before, on the bracers of Tyrael's armor.
Kormac:  Tyrael, examine this page. Tell me what you see.
Tyrael:  These are plans for angelic weapons that will fit human hands. Where did you find this?
Kormac:  This is a page torn from the sacred tomes of my blessed order. The Light only knows what the others contain.
Tyrael:  I see. It implies that my brethren seek to destroy this world and that your order was created to stop them.
Kormac:  Is it true?
Tyrael:  It was once. Not anymore.
Player:  There is no darkness in you, Kormac. I cannot say the same for your order. What will you do?
Kormac:  There is much difference between what I want and what I must do. Together, you and I will finish our work here. I owe you that.
But I tell you this: my faith is stronger than this betrayal. When we are done, I will return home and plunge my spear into the ground before the Vault of the Order.
I will meet their champions until they answer for their sins and their lies. I will have justice.

Covetous Shen and the evil jewel

Player:  Why do you search for this jewel so persistently?
Covetous Shen:  Because... it has killed thousands, and because I am the only one who can hold it without harm.
Player:  Because you are a god?
Covetous Shen:  No. Because it has already taken everything from me that matters. But enough of that! I have gone too long without spiced beef and spicier wine!
Player:  I wish to learn more about this jewel and the spirit trapped within.
Covetous Shen:  Oh, all you wish to hear is my most guarded secret. Well, certainly. If you cannot be trusted, then the world is in trouble, I think.
The jewel contains a... powerful creature named Dirgest. He was trapped within it for terrible crimes against his people.
Player:  The spirits have never heard this name. That is a strange thing. They know everyone.
Covetous Shen:  The spirits of those who know him are trapped with him in the stone.  Now a flaw has developed in the jewel. Through it, Dirgest can consume the holder's life. I intend to seal his prison, trapping him in it forever.
Covetous Shen:  Let me tell you what I think. After Azmodan is dead, you come with me, and we'll go on a grand adventure! Just you and Shen. The wind at our backs, and the road stretching out before us.
Player:  It is not an unpleasant thought.
Covetous Shen:  At any rate. When you defeat Diablo, don't laze about. We have other lands to explore, you and I. Dirgest's jewel is still out there somewhere.

Prophecy of the End of Days, I don't have the Book of Cain, but it's supposed to be about the 'ultimate invasion' of Sanctuary by the Burning Hells...

And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost
as Justice falls upon the world of men.
Valor shall turn to Wrath -
and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair.
Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all -
as fate lies shattered forever.

All the lines seem to reference one of the Angiris Council members and their Aspects, except 'Death,' and some seem to have occurred in the game.

What if it isn't that straight-forward?

Tyrael, the mortal. and thus able to be 'lost', takes up the Aspect of Wisdom, "Since Justice has been met this day, I will now stand as Wisdom"

Meaning no Justice, which could 'fall upon the world of men' meaning the Nephalem have to assume the role of Justice in the future.

Valor turns to Wrath - Another open plot line, Azmodan's Sin embodiment lieutenants. We only killed 2, Lust and Gluttony. In the coincidentally named Wrath animation, Diablo says to Imperius "Your rage makes you powerful. Yet you hide it from your brethren. Perhaps you fear them seeing you for what you truly are."

Death - Notice in Tyrael's convo about Malthael, he mentions Malthael was 'forever seeking answers about life and death' and they specifically used 'spread its wings,' and everything else seems to refer to angels/aspects, hmm.

At the end of Wrath, it is said: "Angels. Demons. I fear their conflict will soon engulf the world of men, and when it does, what hope will there be when even the wrath of angels cannot be quenched?"

Certainly sounds like there should be an angel/demon war on Sanctuary, quite possibly what the End of Days prophecy actually foretold.
Deckard Cain:
The Prophecy of the End Days is contained within the e Horadric tomes I inherited from my ancestor Jered Cain.
It is a warning to those who could interpret it regarding Hell's ultimate invasion of our world, written by many different people throughout history in many different lands.

He's convinced that the forces of Hell will invade our world and bring about the end times. All these years, he's still searching for a way to stop this... apocalypse.


Release Date?

Blizzard will not release any big titles on top of each other, they will have a gap between. So my guess is late fall we will get WoW: MoP. Closer to Christmas times I believe we will see more of the new expansion to Starcraft 2. So a year to a year and a half from now, could very well be the time for the new Diablo expansion. Would be awesome!

In Summary:

We know an expansion is coming, so they have SOME sort of plot to go along. It should be good. I'm more interested in what they will be adding to the game as playable classes and other goodies. I'd love to see a humanized angel, or fallen angel of sorts to be playable. Would be nice to have a second character that can use strength as a main stat. that would give 3 melee and 3 ranged, with 2 classes each using one of the main stats. If they follow LoD's model and add up to 7 classes, I would suggest a hybrid melee/caster along the lines of the druid.

This page will be Updated as more information is released!



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