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Diablo 3

Easy Diablo 3 Treasure - Farming Secrets

1) Ransacked Cellar

Easy to farm free Resplendent Chest.

1) Create a game, on the highest difficulty you have.
2) Choose Act 2, Quest = "Blood and Sand".
3) Take the "Path to Oasis" waypoint.
4) You are looking for Ransacked Cellar, not Rotting Cellar.
It should be somewhere around here, on the map location. IF IT IS NOT in the general area, even a screen or two higher up north, do this:
1. Leave the game.
2. Choose a different quest, doesn't matter what it is. You're trying to lose saved data. Then go back and Choose act 2 quest "Blood and Sand".
3. Hit start, go back and check the area and hope the chest is there!

Ransacked Cellar


2) Treasure seeker easy-loot

Easy to farm treasure - hobbit in Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno

1) Create a game, the highest difficulty you have.
2) Choose Act 1, "Legacy of Cain". Select the quest, go in game.
3) Take the "Old Ruins" waypoint.
4) Go down , click spoiler and look at the picture. IF IT IS NOT THERE, leave game. If it is there, go in and kill treasure seeker.

Picture Reference:


If it is not there. TL;DR - create a different game and check:
1. Leave the game.
2. Choose a different quest, doesn't matter what it is. You're trying to lose saved data. Then go back and Choose act 2 quest "Legacy of Cain".
3. Hit start, go back and check the area and hope it is there.

3) 4x(ish)-55(ish) solo Azmodan boss grind

You get about 44K xp for killing Azmodan and 44K XP immediately afterwards for talking to a person for about 80K ISH XP. This amount gets higher as you level. If you have a monk this is especially good, but unfortunately for other classes is a bit difficult.

At my best, I pulled a 2 minute run. I average 4 minutes per run, so I do 3 runs in 12 minutes. Check out the video for a complete demonstration:

Siege Breaker4) Siege Breaker (inferno) Chest farming

Teleport to Rakkis Crossing. Go to checkpoint before Siegebreaker fight but don't enter - leave game after you get check point.

Reenter and go south looking for 'the underbridge entrance' - if it's there, enter, if not leave game + resume.

Inside just wear magic find gear and run your way to a 60% chance of a resplendent chest spawn.

The resplendent chest drops the best loot in the game:

4 people doing it yesterday we found after 6 hours (between us)
- 12 legendaries
- 7 set items
- 49 1k+ dps weapons (without the +%dmg affix)
- 37% of the drops were rares (ranging from 1-3 as we were running a mean MF of 201)
- always guaranteed 4 blues

NOTE: You will die a lot but really it's worth it.

More Coming Later!

Found a secret farming spot and want to share? Then Contact Us!

Or if you are looking for a lot more secret farming spots, then I would check out Diablo 3 Gold Secrets By Peng Joon, there's a small fee for it, but well worth it.



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