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Diablo 3

Gold & Gear Gathering Tips for Level 60s

Through experience I have found fun and efficient ways to earn gold and great gear in Diablo 3 that I think you can benefit from. Keep in mind I am still learning (like everyone else) but I think I do alright by just doing what I consider to be fairly common sense things which include:

Magic Find SetHave a Magic Find Set

Have a Magic Find set for opening chests, and if you can, switch to it for the last few seconds of any boss/elite kills. You'd be amazed at the difference an MF set + 5 stacks of valor can make on chests/bosses long term. You may not be amazed the first time you open a chest, but if you add up how many extra blues/ you get per hour it does actually work out a good difference. Some people have a Gold Find (GF) set similarly but I don't personally.

Also keep in mind Magic find gets divided within a group in Diablo 3. Such as if you have a group of 4 players, and only you have a plus magic find of 50%, and everyone else has 0% find, then the total will be (50 divided by 4) 12.5% magic find for the group's loot.

Efficient Runs

Find the run that is the best time / efficiency for you. For me, a butcher kill with 5 stacks takes 40 minutes, a SK run takes 20-30 minutes, so I farm the SK, despite some people saying that there are better drops off the butcher, I personally haven't experienced this. I have a friend who farms Maghda in Act 2 but it can take him 60-75 minutes to get 5 stacks. He wants to try and get better loot so he insists it's better, but as I can fit 3 SK runs in and AH/vendor the goods, I've ended up with better gear since I just made "efficient" runs, and then used the AH.

Diablo 3 Loot Runs

Crafting Mats

Now I know the commodity auction hall is down. Before it went down, inferno crafting mats sold for far higher than the vendor costs but the majority of the people I know are still vendoring them. Level 60 inferno mats are worth checking out because some of the level 60 rare-plan gear has up to 6 stats and can actually be pretty good.

Vendor vendor vendor

I vendor everything that's not level 60 personally unless it has amazing stats. With MF gear you will end up with bags and bags full. I can easily fill 2 bags with magic gear on a SK run.

Making Gold with the Diablo 3 AHSensible AH'ing

Most people know about this already, but make sure you sell everything that you can in the auction hall, including anything with prime stats, vitality, all res, magic find, +damage rings/neck +attack speed rings/gloves etc. etc, a good combo of all the above selling the quickest but you probably know that. Weapons are the one thing that are considerably weaker so I wouldn't even bother trying to farm sellable Act I weapons but a lot of gear is still sellable at decent prices for me (EU). I can't speak for the US AH not having seen it.

Sell good stuff at peak times!

On Sat I can sell stuff 2-3 times quicker than week days meaning I can have a lot more auctions sold throughout the day. People tend to look for stuff with the longest time left because they are used to the really good stuff going in the first few minutes. There's a bit of a mentality of, if it's been up for 10 hours, it's probably rubbish so I won't bother looking.... so I find I sell a lot more on Saturdays, don't know if that's just me or just the EU.

Vendor Flipping

Always check the rings/necks on the vendor in a game. One game I found some 180 int, 90 vitality level 53 necks that I bought at 8k gold and flipped for 50k. Another time I found a 120 Dex 20% MF level 48 neck that again I bought at around 7k and flipped for 30k. Each time I bought 10 of each. Helps if you have a friend who can check the AH whilst you're in a game so you make sure you don't buy junk. 99% of the time it's junk. But if you get a good proc, get a friend to check the prices, and then go buy 10 or more and flip them. I'm amazed at the amount of people I speak to who don't even check because they say vendors only sell junk (never had a good piece of armor/weapons but I've had very good necks and decent rings too).  

In Summary

With the above, I can make anywhere between 200k - 400k / hour depending on how lucky I get, probably averaging around the 250k mark.

I've seen plenty of videos where people use chests, bugs, exploits, or just savvy tactics like running jar-smashing runs in gold find gear, but generally I find them pretty boring and I don't like gimmicky stuff myself, don't find it fun! To me it's important I found a way that's what I consider reasonably good way to get gold so I can gear up... but also a way that remains enjoyable and fun too.

The way I do it is the simplest and most common sense way of just running content that's time efficient, and that way you get a small chance of upgrades (yesterday my husband get a massive upgrade to shoulders, probably a 1mil+ piece of massive strength, vitality, all resistance and fire resistance with great armor shoulders from a SK run)... but a good chance of something you can sell on the AH to make gold to buy something (I've bought all my drops). Doing this way I've gotten enough gold so that I could get a good start on Act II without dying when stuff breathes on me.

For more in-depth tips and tricks on how to obtain better gear and gold in Diablo 3, I would definitely check out Diablo 3 Gold Secrets By Peng Joon, there's a small fee for it, but worth it.



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