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Monk Tanking Tips for Inferno Difficulty

This build here is currently what I've been using in my melee heavy (Monk, Barb, Barb, Wizard) composition in Hell Difficulty.  We've downed SK in act 1 hell, but haven't tried to progress further.

Spells and Runes I use:

Crippling Wave with 5 spirit on Crit - I like the reduced attack speed, and I have a couple + crit items which help my spirit gen.

Cyclone Strike with Implosion - This is a key component to the build.  Every pull I group the mobs so my party can AoE them down.  The extra range is makes a huge difference, especially when there are ranged / runners.  I MIGHT consider using the extra dodge if things get too bad later on in inferno.

Blinding Flash with Faith in the Light - Blinding flash was great in normal and nightmare.  In Hell / Inferno, the blind is reduced to literally a FRACTION of a second.  Its useful for "interrupting" attacks only. This skill will probably be substituted today with something more useful.  Either Serenity (Tranquility / Peaceful Repose) or Sweeping Wind (Blade Storm / Inner Storm).

Breath of Heaven with Blazing Wrath - Heal... chose the extra damage because my DPS is low, and I needed a boost.  My damage mitigation is good enough now that I don't need to rely on the Circle of Life for larger heal.

Seven Sided Attack with Sustained Attack - Been playing with this a little bit, I use it mainly for single target damage.  I have the reduced cool down because I also like to use it in situations where everything is on CD, and life is low...  It isn't imperative, just a nice attack on a boss / champion pack.  I'm sure there is something better I'm missing.

Mantra of Healing with Sustenance -  This is mainly for my group.  On bosses, I spam it every 4 seconds.  The ONLY reason I use this over "Time of Need" is because my party doesn't have resistances yet.  

The problem with "Time of Need" before you're geared is that it increases based on percentage of the resists you currently have.  If you have 50 resist all, and use "Time of Need", you literally only gain 10 extra to each resist.  Right now, I've got 300 resist all so I gain 60 extra resist all.  My party members, on the other hand, are all sporting less than 100, so this barely helps them.  Once they're all wearing a bit more resist gear, I plan on switching over.

Monk Mantra of Healing

Other General Tanking Thoughts and Strategy

For gear, I am wearing a MH and Shield.  Initially, I started stacking VIT and DEX over ARMOR and RESIST ALL.  The problem was that mobs would drain my HP faster than i could restore it with potions, so I started dropping VIT and DEX and picked up ARMOR and RESIST.

From what it seems, armor and resist are multiplicative.  I have ~ 5400 armor ( 66% damage reduction to make it easy, I know its close to 66%, but I'm at work and can't get exact numbers haha).  I also have 302 resist all, about 50% damage reduction.

So, when a mob hits me for 1000 damage, first the damage is reduced by 66%.  340 damage remain. Now, you apply my "resist" modifier for that type of damage, and it reduces it by another 50%.  I am now hit for 170 of the initial 1,000 damage.  Once you average in my 33(ish)% dodge rate, only two out of three attacks hit me.  Any my shield blocks attacks as well.

So, initially I was 2 hander with 35,000 health.  I changed to MH + Shield, which landed me at 29,000 health.  I still had trouble surviving in hell act 3&4 with 4,300 armor and 100 resist all.  So I upgraded my weapon, and grabbed gear with high armor, with resist all.  My damage stayed about the same, and my vitality dropped substantially (to a mere 19,100 life!).  

Now I'm at the damage reduction above, with 5400 armor and 300 resist all.  Although I have the lowest HP in my party, I drastically outlast the rest of my group.  Arcane mobs hit my party for 3500 a tick, while I only take 800 per tick.  Normal, white mobs just do not do damage to me anymore.

My suggestion if you're tanking:  Prioritize Armor, then resist all, then vit, then dex.  I don't know the cap on armor / resists yet, or the breaking points... so its something to look into.  Also, I got some of my strategy builds from Diablo 3 Gold Secrets By Peng Joon, there's a small fee for it, but worth it.

Thanks for reading!



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