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The Lowdown on Druid's
Druids are the keepers of nature and, using their force of will and spirit, these protectors wander the Emerald Dream focusing on the power of the land. As a druid you have to power to:
Become a defensive bear.
An aggresive cat.
An Aquatic creature.
A travelling feline.
Use restoration spells to rejuvenate yourself and your allies.
Use balance spells to root and harm enemies.
Ultimately druids are jacks of all trades and masters of none;they can fill any role well and can complete a party.

You are a druid. Your adventure has begun.

Introduction to Playing a Druid

If you like being able to play lots of classes at once then a druid is the perfect thing for you! Through shapeshifting this class can become a warrior or rogue, or even stay as a caster and use spells to damage and heal! Just remember that your talent tree makes a huge difference.

Groups won't usually grab a druid as first choice due to uncertainty of their spec, but there are certainly ways to make a druid appealing in solo,group or PvP play! Druids can act as backup and (sometimes) Primary healers, be a DPS attacker or even become an offtank or sometimes primary tank aswell!

People also look to druids for buffs. Other classes may be able to raise Stamina or Intellect, but the druids buffs add a damage shield(Thorns) and a bonus to Armor, All stats and All resistances!(Mark of The Wild) which, in the end-game content, noone is going to turn away extra resistance buffs!

Items and Equipment

Druids can wear Cloth and Leather, but nothing else. They can also use Staves, All maces and they can also use Daggers and Fist Weapons. Staves are desired for bonuses to caster attributes, while weapons with other bonusesn are designed for Other forms.


Proc weapon effects do not trigger when in animal form. (IE: Crusader, Fiery, Icy etc.)

Do not seek these weapons as it is simply a waste of money. Instead, get +attribute bonuses.

Druids are far more bothered about armor than a lot of other casters because bear and dire bear form multiply your current armor bonus to calculate your bear armor bonus. Even if you can't afford powerful enchants a simple armor patch can work wonders.


Skinning & Leatherworking: This is a good combination for those who are new to the game and cannot afford good equipment, as you can make your own here. You can also make armor patches aswell.

Herbalism & Alchemy: These are better choices if you aren't bothered about creating equipment as these carry far more potential for money by selling herbs and potions, or simply use the potions yourself to add even MORE to your attributes.


Your talents are what decide how you best play as a druid, so it's important to know what you want, but don't be afraid to try more than one tree. It's worth the money

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide about druids and if you like it please tell me, I may try one for another class. Goodbye now!


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wow warcraft alliance horde cataclysm leveling guide

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