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How to beat a turtler (camper) in Starcraft 2 as Terran




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If your opponent turtles, expand and pump a bigger army and get him when he tries to attack you, don't try to bust into a turtling base. harass maybe, but don't try to end the game.

The major disadvantage to someone that turtles is their economy, as long as you can expand early and get large amounts of resources you can overwhelm him. Make sure you don't let them expand though, they may try to pull extra resources from a mineral patch on a far end of the map.

Strong Terran Defense

IMPORTANT: keep scouting/scanning to make sure you are pumping the right kind of units lol, 100 marines marauders vs 10 tanks and 10 battlecruisers, isn't the right idea.

In my experience, enough Battle Cruisers can crack any turtled base, Expand a lot and mass a lot of battle cruisers. Micro them efficiently so they Yamato the missile turrets to minimize damage they may take. Turtling limits his force and his economy, he's basically inviting you to overwhelm him.  Yamato is turrets and fly on in!


A good way to harrass a turtler early on, is with tanks, maybe with some air cover, like vikings, that can switch to ground (or BCs if you have them), and as said, expand, expand, expand, make an awesome economy, 2-3 bases full on minerals, 3+ full on gas, 5+ starports pumping BCs, all upgrades going, etc.

with only one base, he cannot effectively turtle, get all upgrades, and max supply on a BC/viking mix

I recently won a few matches against some pretty skilled turtlers by expanding early, and most importantly: stifling their attempts to expand. The game was longer than it should have been, but there is only so much a Turtler can do when their plans to get additional resources are thwarted.

I usually keep 2 Hellions (or reapers) grouped as #8, or whatever number I want, and I periodically Shift-click ALL of the mineral deposits on the mini map to have them go around to each. Remembering to do this every couple minutes allows me to immediately assault any expansion my opponent is trying to create.

If you are playing a map where there are areas that aren't accessible to ground units, make sure you either send a viking or other air unit there and/or scanner sweep the areas periodically.

1 of two things eventually happens: 1.)They will get desperate and try to launch a knockout blow 2.) They will literally hunker down and sit there until something happens.

If #1 happens--fight them off and counter with BCs. Get Yamato cannons, select your group, click fire Yamato--then Shift-right click the individual turrets one by one. This makes each BC queue up a different turret, and each one destroys its target in one hit.

If #2 happens-- Still attack with BCs, but diversify your force to account for Vikings, Ravens, and other units they may have holed up in their base.


Ghost Nuke Terran Base

It is really risky as a turtler only has so much room to scan in order to find you, but nuking is quite a good strategy to use for mitigating the turtle economy.

You can quickly move in with BC's after a strike like this takes place and blow them to pieces with any of the strategies listed here. It's just a great way to crack the turtle's shell.

Just make sure you stay out of range of his turrets.

Hope this Guide helps beat those nasty campers!

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