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Starcraft 2 Cheese Strategies & Counters for them




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First off let me start off by saying that I personally do not believe in the word "cheese strategies", I believe this game is made well balanced that anything can happen for a reason that is a reasonable strategy and there is no "cheat strategies" in this game, and if there was Blizzard would do something about it.  All so called cheese strategies and be easily countered by any decent player, but can quickly kill your below average player quite quickly.

In short, cheese is some sort of early "all-in" strategy that can be very hard to defend against, but often results in a loss if it fails.

There are 5 major cheeses in Starcraft 2:

Protoss - Cannon Rush
Protoss player gets a forge instead of a gateway, and attempts to build photon cannons in the opponents base.

Counters:  For any race, scouting the probe and killing it before it can build a photon cannon is your first priority.  If you see a probe enters your base but never leaves at the start, send a worker unit around and see if he is building photon cannons and send worker units to kill the probe/pylon.  As Terrans:

1) If you see a pylon being built, immediately build a bunker near it. It will be complete long before the cannons are, and you can stick marines in it to fight off the cannons. Even if the bunker starts taking heavy fire, you can still repair it, while the enemy probe can only watch as his cannons slowly get whittled down by the marines.

2) If you don't see the pylon in time (cannons already on the way), you can lift your command center and move to your natural expansion. Then just continue your standard game as if nothing happened, although you will want to get siege tanks quickly to outrange and destroy those cannons and pylons, or else the enemy will get tons of warp gates and build his entire army behind your new base.

Protoss can try zealot rushing the towers or using photon cannons themselves to prevent them from further cannoning your base.  Zerg can build a row of spine crawlers to accomplish the same thing.  You can also send a small wave of fighting units over to your opponents base to kill off his workers to halt his production, since he will probably have no protection over there.

Protoss - Gateway Proxy Rush
Protoss player sends one of his initial probes into the opponent's base and hides his first pylon there. When the pylon is complete, he builds two gateways and then chrono boosts zealots to attack

Counters: Zerg need to get a few spine crawlers up ASAP in there mineral lines, and use their queen, drones, and any zerglings to halt the flow of zealots.  Protoss simply needs to out build them in zealots and maybe use some probes to help the numbers.  Terrans need to build a bunker and get it filled with marines asap, and protect it at all costs by keep on repairing it.  And of course for any race scouting out the proxy rush ASAP is important to start preparing for it.

Zerg - 6 Pool
Zerg player doesn't make any drones at the start, instead he saves up and creates a spawning pool immediately, and does nothing but make zerglings and attack.

Counters:  You will simply need to get a good fighting units up asap while using your worker units to kill off the initial waves of zerglings.

Zerg - Baneling Bust
Only applicable if the opponent walls off his ramp with supply depots or a pylon. Zerg player gets a quick baneling next, makes 5-7 banelings, and uses them to destroy the enemy's wall and flood in with zerglings.

Baneling Bust

Counters:  There's not much you can do about this, except for to build units that are not light in armor and have plenty of hitpoints.

Terran - Proxy Reaper Rush
Terran player sends one of his initial SCV's to build a barracks near the opponent's base, and at the same time get a refinery so he can get quick reapers.

Reaper Rush

Counters:  Protoss needs to get a stalker ASAP, zerg need to get a spine crawler up, and upgrading the zerglings movement speed helps a lot.  Terrans can fight back with anything they got.

Although, anything in this game could be considered a "cheese strategy" to someone, while just a regular strategy to someone else.

A "cheese" strategy is one that has a low percentage chance of working, but is fatal if pulled off successfully. Normally, these strategies are not used since, by definition, they don't usually work. However, certain circumstances increase the success percentage of "cheese" strategies, making them not so cheesy and causing victims to cry foul. In reality, there is no such thing as a cheese strategy. Everything is fair.

The six pool is a good example. Normally, maps are set up so that the six pool is out of the question. Either the distance between the two bases is too great, or there are multiple starting spot options so that the 6-pooler would have to guess where to send the lings. But, in a 2v2 with only 4 starting spots, zerg allies can both 6 pool and cheese rush an unsuspecting opponent. All's fair. The double 6-pool victim has no one to blame but himself for not scouting it.

Cannon rushing is another cheese strategy. Again, all's fair. Scout for it and don't whine if someone catches you sleeping. I have been playing SC for 12 years and I still get cannon rushed occasionally. Yes, I accuse the cannon rusher of being a cheese-tactic noob, but in the end it's my own fault and he walks away with a legitimate win. (Unless I hold it and come back for the win, then there is much abuse at the end of the game.)

TIP:  Cheese strategies work well all the way up to the gold league, but platinum players or higher and I would NOT do cheese strategies, unless you want a good chance to face a loss.

Don't be a cheeser unless you like cheese!

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