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Order of Starcraft 2 Single Player Campaign Missions

Starcraft 2's single player campaign missions are not done in a linear fashion, instead the game evolves from completing previous missions and you will have different mission options to pick from as you progress.  Sometimes it is important to pick the right missions in a specific order so that the game is easy to beat on hard and brutal difficulty.  You can get a good order of missions from Joana's Starcraft 2 brutal campaign missions guide.  Although you will need to become a member of his site in order to view his brutal difficulty videos (which are done rather awesome by the way).

There is a total of 29 missions in Starcraft 2, but you only need to complete 26 of them to beat the game.  The game's story is separated into different chapters, including:  Mar Sara, Colonists, Artifact, Covert, Rebellion, Prophecy, and the final missions in Char.

Every mission has three achievements that you can gain.  The first achievement of each mission is always the name of the mission and involves beating all the main objectives and bonus objectives.  And the other two achievements in each mission are random feats of something they want you to accomplish.

As you play through the campaign, sometimes you will be given a choice to either go with mission "a" or mission "b" (it's either one or the other), these will affect the story line slightly but not drastically.  An example of this is when you have to chose between going with Tosh for the Breakout mission or helping Nova with the Ghost of a Chance mission.  You can always play the skipped missions through the mission log (from the bridge).

Help Tosh or Nova?


Here is a list of missions and when they can become available, and what you get for doing them:

Mar Sara

Jim Raynor

The Raynor missions are the first three in the game. Credits may not be used until after Zero Hour.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Mar Sara 1: Liberation Day Marine - - -
Mar Sara 2: The Outlaws SCV, Medic 45,000 - Liberation Day
Mar Sara 3: Zero Hour - 55,000 - The Outlaws


Dr Hanson

The Hanson missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Colonist 1: The Evacuation Firebat 100,000 3 Zerg Zero Hour
Colonist 2: Outbreak Hellion 110,000 2 Zerg The Evacuation
Colonist 3a: Safe Haven Viking 125,000 3 Zerg Outbreak, 7 total missions
Colonist 3b: Havenís Fall Viking 125,000 3 Protoss Outbreak, 7 total mission



The Tychus missions can be started after completing the Mar Sara missions.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Artifact 1: Smash and Grab Marauder 110,000 4 Protoss Zero Hour
Artifact 2: The Dig Siege Tank 120,000 3 Protoss Smash and Grab, 8 total missions
Artifact 3: The Moebius Factor Medivac 120,000 3 Zerg The Dig, 11 total missions
Artifact 4: Supernova Banshee 120,000 4 Protoss The Moebius Factor, 14 total missions
Artifact 5: Maw of the Void Battlecruiser 125,000 4 Protoss Supernova



The Tosh missions can be started after completing a total of 4 missions.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Covert 1: The Devilís Playground Reaper 110,000 3 Zerg 4 total missions
Covert 2: Welcome to the Jungle Goliath 120,000 3 Protoss The Devilís Playground
Covert 3a: Breakout Spectre 125,000 - Welcome to the Jungle, 8 total missions
Covert 3b: Ghost of a Chance Ghost 125,000 - Welcome to the Jungle, 8 total missions



The Horner missions can be started after completing a total of 6 missions.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Rebellion 1: The Great Train Robbery Diamondback 110,000 3 Zerg 6 total missions
Rebellion 2: Cutthroat Vulture 120,000 3 Protoss The Great Train Robbery
Rebellion 3: Engine of Destruction Wraith 120,000 3 Zerg Cutthroat
Rebellion 4: Media Blitz Thor 120,000 - Engine of Destruction
Rebellion 5: Piercing the Shroud - 125,000 3 Zerg, 4 Protoss Media Blitz, including secret objective



The Zeratul missions can be started after completing The Dig.

These missions are played as the Protoss. The playerís normally available Terran units, mercenaries, armory upgrades, or research do not matter in these missions. Completing these missions early is useful for a large boost to research, possibly making subsequent Terran missions slightly easier to complete in Hard/Brutal difficulties.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Prophecy 1: Whispers of Doom - - 3 Zerg, 3 Protoss The Dig
Prophecy 2: A Sinister Turn - - 3 Zerg, 3 Protoss Whispers of Doom
Prophecy 3: Echoes of the Future - - 4 Zerg, 2 Protoss A Sinister Turn
Prophecy 4: In Utter Darkness - - 3 Zerg, 3 Protoss Echoes of the Future


The Final missions can be started after completing Maw of the Void.

Caution: Once the player has finished Gates of Hell, unplayed missions on the Star Map will no longer be available. However, missions which have been previously completed will still be available to replay.

Missions New Unit(s) Credits Research Prerequisites
Final 1: Gates of Hell - - - Maw of the Void
Final 2a: Belly of the Beast - - - Gates of Hell
Final 2b: Shatter the Sky - - - Gates of Hell
Final 3: All-In - - - Belly of the Beast or Shatter the Sky







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