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Hardcore Barbarian goes through NormalBarbarian Hardcore Guide for Normal Difficulty - This guide is an overview of how a Hardcore Barbarian goes through normal difficulty to beat Diablo. I explain my journey and what I have learned from it.
The Secret Cow Level in Diablo 3How to get to the Secret Cow Level - It's about time BlizzardGuides releases the info needed to get to the secret level in Diablo 3. This guide will tell you in details (videos and images) how to get to the secret cow level in Diablo 3, along with all the cool stuff you can find in the secret level.
Monk Using Life LeechMonk Inferno Guide - Life Leech Build - New Monk Inferno guide, this one explains why a good life leech build works wonders for plowing through Inferno Difficulty!
Imperius - Next Diablo 3 Expansion Boss?Next Diablo 3 Expansion Speculations - I know most of us are thoroughly enjoying Diablo3, but I know some are wondering about the next expansion already and are wondering about the details about it, such as the potential bosses, characters, release date, etc..
How much fun is Diablo 3?What Really Makes Diablo 3 a Fun Game? - What makes Diablo 3 so much fun, why should you play it? Does it live up to the hype Blizzard put on us? Lets find out!
Plagued AttributeElite Monster Attribute Meanings - A lot of Elite mobs in Diablo 3 such as the Champions, Rares, and Minions can have special attributes that gives them special abilities. A dedicated Diablo 3 player should study these attributes so you will know how to counter them while playing.
Gold Making TipsGold & Gear Gathering Tips for Level 60s - The tips you learn from this guide can make you anywhere between 200k - 400k / hour depending on how lucky you get, probably averaging around the 250k mark.
Item StatsGeneral Weapon and Item Stats Guide - This is a general guide on basic weapon, item, attribute, affixes/suffixes, etc. and their meanings in Diablo 3.
Barbarian GuideBarbarian Strategy Guide for Inferno - I am creating this guide for all of the Barbarians out there who love the class, but are struggling through certain parts of the game. This guide is meant to carry you through Inferno and beyond!
Hardcore Leveling TipsFastest Way to Level Hardcore Characters - Leveling Hardcore characters is no joke, because obviously you need to be careful every step of the way. This guide should help give you some pointers on how to level your hardcore characters quickly!
Witch Doctor in HardcoreHardcore Witch Doctor Tips for High Levels - I'm a Hardcore level 58 Witch Doctor at the end of Act 2 hell at the moment. First time I had any troubles was somewhere around Nightmare Act 3 which led me to try out a bunch of different builds before I found one effective enough and one that I actually liked to play with..
Legendary BowList of Legendary Items in Diablo 3 - Players are finally revealing the Legendary Items in Diablo 3. This is just a small list of many legendary items players have discovered in the game. This should give you an idea of what these items can do for you!
Lonely DwellingNeed help finding House of Curios? - If some of you are working on the achievement Adenath the Curio Vendor and are having problems trying to find the House of Curios (which is where the Vendor is always at), then this guide may help some..
Treasure ChestEasy Diablo 3 Treasure - Farming Secrets - These are some quick farming spots in Diablo 3 that you can utilize to rack up some nice items and gold quickly.
Belial Boss StrategiesBelial Class Guide - Belial can be a tough boss, especially the first couple of times you face him. Once you discover his patterns and what exactly he does that can kill you, then you will have no problem facing him. I provide strategies for all classes on how to beat him..
Wizard DPSHow Weapon Items Affect DPS for a Wizard - What does weapon items do for Wizards in Diablo 3? Does weapon item DPS matter? Do item qualities such as steal/+damage etc. transfer to actual spell damage? Can I use a regular attack? and more will be answered in this article!
Hardcore HerosWhy Should I Create a Hardcore Character? - How much more interesting is it to turn a corner and be completely surrounded by demons, knowing that if your unprepared your going to lose everything? Gets your adrenaline going. You have 1 shot at life. In my opinion, this almost creates a bond between you and your HC character. I like the adrenaline rush you get from those close encounters with death and come out on top.
Barbarian TankBarbarian Tank Guide for Hell/Inferno - At the time of this writing I have a level 57 barb tank and I just wanted to say a couple things here and give my spec that I have been using from the start of nightmare mode in the hopes that some people find it useful as there seems to be alot of people really disliking the barb upon reaching the higher difficulties.
Monk Inferno TipsMonk - Inferno Guide - Playing a monk and having a hard time in Inferno Difficulty? Need advice? Tips? Strategies? Builds? Well then check this out!
Zombies in diablo 3Diablo 3 Basic Monster List - See a whole list of basic monsters in Diablo 3, with pictures!
Playing diablo 3 with a PS3 ControllerHow to use a PS3 Controller to Play Diablo 3 - So I have come to realize that Diablo III was not meant to be just played using a Keyboard and mouse, but also a controller as well! Yesterday while playing my buddy and I came up with the idea of using PS3 controllers we had laying around. We downloaded a couple programs and setup our buttons and started hacking and slashing!
Diablo 3 FollowersTemplar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress FAQ - This guide should shed some light on the followers in Diablo 3 and explain some things you may not know about them that should increase your knowledge about choosing the right one for you.
Wizard Speed Leveling1-60 Wizard Leveling Guide - So you've chosen to play the Wizard, master of the elements and arcanics. You may seem weak and frail to the untrained eye, but lo and behold you are a powerful torrent of magical destruction. Massive fireballs come wizzing by your head but you simply feign interest and destroy the one who cast it. You bend the very fabric of space and time to your will making your enemies crawl. You are, the Wizard.
Diablo 3 CampaignNormal Difficulty Overview - This guide simply is a review of the game and what my thoughts were on the overall game. I address the characters and skills, along with monsters, bosses, the difficulty (of normal difficulty), story, items, and online play. This can help you get a jist of how the game plays and overall how cool I think this game is!
Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Gameplay GuideGood Demon Hunter Build for Hell/Inferno - Here is a very good Demon Hunter build that does massive damage and is totally safe for hell and inferno difficulty. Most people in my group die multiple times while I stay alive and rez them. My repair costs are at a minimum.
Monk in actionMonk Tanking Tips for Hell Difficulty - This guide explains the spells and runes to use for Hell Difficulty that will allow you to breeze right through it with no problems at all.
Witch Doctor StrategyWitch Doctor Solo Strategy for Inferno - For anybody who is having trouble progressing through inferno with a Witch Doctor, then this guide should help you out a lot! This guide contains videos on how to solo various bosses with a Witch doctor in Inferno.
Armor Values in Diablo 3How Diminishing Returns work with Armor Values - This article discusses in depth how armor values effect damage reductions in Diablo 3. I play a barbarian and I think they can benefit from this information the most, although other classes can benefit just the same. Just to warn you, this article gets mathematically technical..

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Diablo 3 Basic Monster List
How to use a PS3 Controller to Play Diablo 3
Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress FAQ
List of Legendary Items in Diablo 3
General Weapon and Item Stats Guide
Elite Monster Attribute Meanings
Next Diablo 3 Expansion Speculations
How to get to the Secret Cow Level
Normal Difficulty Overview
How Diminishing Returns work with Armor Values
Need help finding House of Curios?
What Really Makes Diablo 3 a Fun Game?

Belial Class Guide

Easy Diablo 3 Treasure - Farming Secrets
Gold & Gear Gathering Tips for Level 60s

Why Should I Create a Hardcore Character?
Fastest Way to Level Hardcore Characters
Class Guides:
Barbarian Tank Guide for Hell/Inferno
Barbarian Strategy Guide for Inferno
Barbarian Hardcore Guide for Normal Difficulty

Monk Tanking Tips for Hell Difficulty
Monk Inferno Guide - Life Leech Build
Monk - Inferno Guide

Witch Doctor
Witch Doctor Solo Strategy for Inferno
Hardcore Witch Doctor Tips for High Levels

Demon Hunter
Good Demon Hunter Build for Hell/Inferno

1-60 Wizard Leveling Guide
How Weapon Items Affect DPS for a Wizard

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